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Site of judiciary of Alabama state, consisting of supreme court, court of civil appeals, court of criminal appeals, law library, & Administrative Office of Courts; site has opinions, mediation rules, information on Marshal of Appellate Courts, etc
Judicial system in Alaska state, with 4 levels of courts -- supreme court, court of appeals, superior court, and district court; site has details of forms, rules, cases, legal research, court information, Alaska Judicial Council, legal education etc
3 Arizona Judicial Branch Tel: +1-602-452-3300
1501 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007    Map
Official guide to Arizona courts, Arizona State Bar, and related organizations; gives information on attorneys, case summaries, supreme court, court of appeals, jury duty, victim rights, bar exam, rules of courts, licensing & certification etc
Judicial branch of Arkansas state government; site sections: supreme court, court of appeals, general and limited jurisdiction courts, court administration, judges, attorneys, online resources, publications and forms etc
Web site of the judicial branch of the California government; has info about the California Supreme Court, courts of appeal, superior courts, jury information, commission on judicial appointments, habeas corpus resource center etc
Judicial branch of Colorado state government, to resolve disputes & supervise offenders on probation; includes Colorado Supreme Court, court of appeals, district & county courts, & 7 water courts; has 262 judges in 22 judicial districts
Site of Delaware judiciary, composed of supreme court, court of chancery, superior court, family court, court of common pleas, justice of the peace court, & judicial agencies; offers online legal assistance, court forms, details of jury services etc
Judicial branch of the District of Columbia government, composed of the Court of Appeals (highest court), superior, & trial courts, Joint Committee on Judicial Administration, & court system; site has opinions, forms, orders, programs, mediation etc
Judiciary of Florida state; site has info about the supreme court, district court of appeals, circuit, and county courts, court administration and programs, legal education, jury information, court records, statistics, legal community etc
Website of the judicial system of Hawaii consisting of supreme court, Intermediate Court of Appeals, circuit, district, & family courts; site gives details of jury service, opinions and rules, forms, attorneys, legal news & references etc
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