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Non-governmental organization representing over 50 Sikh gurdwaras & societies; aims to protect the rights & freedom of Sikhs and advocate for a world where Sikhs are recognized as a positive force & a distinct religious, cultural & political nation
2 Canadian Sikh Heritage Tel: 604-850-7338
33094 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2A9, Canada    Map
Website that provides an understanding of the history of the first Sikh pioneers to migrate to British Columbia; focuses on the establishment of the Gur Sikh temple in Abbotsford as a National Heritage Site of Canada, Sikh Heritage Museum etc
3 Canadian Sikh Centre Tel: 604-327-4142
108 - 1083 East Kent Ave, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V9, Canada    Map
Sikh organization that aims to promote Sikh religion, culture and traditions in accordance with the philosophy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib; conducts Punjabi classes, Gurmat classes etc
4 Khalsa Diwan Society Tel: 604-324-2010
8000 Ross Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada    Map
Pioneer society of Sikhs across North America, established in 1906; manages Ross Sikh Temple in Vancouver, visited by over 10,000 devotees/ week, offers classes on Sikhism (through Sikh Missionary College), English & Punjabi lessons etc   Contact us