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1 AME Info -- Saudi Arabia Country Guide
Has general info, contact addresses, info on passports/visas, money, duty-free, public holidays, health, travel international, travel internal, accommodation, resorts and excursions, sports & activities, social profile, business profile, climate etc
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2 The Saudi Arabia Information Resource
Web site by the Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information; contains 2,000 pages of information on all aspects of the Kingdom, including cities, Islam, history, kings, judicial system, government, oil, economy, industry, agriculture, transport etc
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3 Saudia Online
Saudi portal site; has directory of Saudi Arabian websites, business information (tools, reports etc), business guide, news, email, chat (Arabic, English), message boards, classifieds etc; by Horizon for Commercial Development, Jeddah
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4 The Country & People of Saudi Arabia
Has a brief write-up on the country & its history and a directory of web sites (categories: about Saudi Arabia, business, culture, education, history, media, organisations, travel, gateways, Arab countries, etc)
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5 The Saudi Network
Web site by Nova Stars Information Services (NSIS); contains general information about Saudi Arabia, its government, the Saud dynasty, holy places, culture, tourism, main cities, and links to other web sites
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