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1 A Country Study: Saudi Arabia
Country study on the web site of the Federal Research Division of the US Library of Congress; sections: country, geography, society, history, the Saud family, transportation & communications, government & politics, national security etc
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2 CIA World Factbook: Saudi Arabia
Information on the Kingdom by the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA; has a map and sections that include introduction, geography, demographics, government, economy, communications, transportation, military & transnational issues
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3 Lonely Planet: Saudi Arabia
Information on the Kingdom on the Lonely Planet web site; sections: introduction, facts for the traveller, when to go, events, money & costs, attractions, off the beaten track, activities, history, culture, environment, getting there & away etc
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4 Saudi Arabia
Country profile on nationmaster.com; has facts & figures (demography, economy, environment, government etc), summary, background, borders, country rankings in various areas, links to articles etc
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5 Northern Borders Province
Wikipedia entry on Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah, the least populated province of Saudi Arabia
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6 Amnesty International Saudi Arabia campaign web site
Information on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia on Amnesty International's web site; has news & reports
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7 Country Briefings: Saudi Arabia
Part of Economist.com web site; has recent articles on Saudi Arabia that have appeared in the UK-based magazine, country profile (forecast, fact sheet, economic data, political structure, political forces, economic structure)
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8 FAO Country Profiles & Mapping Information System: Saudi Arabia
Web site of the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO); has information & links relating to sustainable development, economic situation, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and technical cooperation in Saudi Arabia; also has maps
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9 Languages of Saudi Arabia
Has information on languages; part of Ethnologue.com; has info on Gulf Arabic, Hijazi Arabic, Standard Arabic, Najdi Arabic
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10 Saudi Arabia and the IMF
Country information on the International Monetary Fund's web site; has surveys, reports, press releases etc related to the Kingdom
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