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1 The Stables of HM King Abdullah Bin A'Aziz Al-Saud & Sons Tel: 01-254-0007
Largest stables in Saudi Arabia, with more than 1,000 horses under five divisions -- TB Horse Breeding, TB Horse Racing, Arabian Horse Breeding, Arabian Show Horses & Showjumping; located in Riyadh
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2 Athbah Stud
Stud farm in the western part of Riyadh, housing a collection of Arabian horses, including a distinguished collection of Saudi pedigree known as the Desert Breed; participates in horse shows & other competitive events; owned by Athbah Stud Co Ltd
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3 Equestrian Club of Riyadh Tel: 01-477-3802
Club responsible for the conduct of thoroughbred horse racing at its two race tracks in Riyadh & Taif; site has info on season, racing, race results etc
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4 King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horses Center at Dirab (KAAHC) Tel: 01-1524-0380
Official body concerned with registration of Arabian horses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; located in Dirab near Riyadh; represents Saudi Arabia in international forums, holds Arabian horse shows, maintains Arabian Horses Stud Book etc
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5 Al Khaled Farm
Stud farm in Saudi Arabia, founded by Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo; breeds Arabian horses; the herd of mares features four primary strains Dahmah Shahwaniah, Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah, Hadbah Enzahiyah & Abbeyah Om Jurays
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6 Al-Mohamadia Arabian Horse Stud
Stud farm owned by HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahd Al Saud; breeds high quality athletic horses to compete in international show arenas; located in the centre of a large commercial date tree operation, 70 km from Riyadh
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7 Almuawd Stud
Stud farm founded in Oyeynah, a village close to Riyadh, for the production & possession of the blood of the oldest purebred Arabian horses in the Middle East; runs a hospital for freezing semen & conducting artificial insemination
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