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1 Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources
Web site of the ministry; site has info on the kingdom's oil policy, history of the industry, petroleum organisations and so on; monitors the activities of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Texaco, AGOC, Ma'aden, Saudi Geological Survey etc
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2 Ministry of Finance
Web site of the ministry, based in Riyadh; site has information on the budget, tenders, financial statistics (current price GDP, balance of payments estimates, exports, imports), government regulations and so on
3 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Web site of the ministry
4 Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Tel: 01-452-2222
Web site of the ministry; has information on the Telecom Act, eTransaction Act, IT Criminal Law, development of the ICT sector, e-government programme, National Center for Digital Certification, initiatives, Digital Excellence Award etc
5 Ministry of the Interior
Web site of the ministry; sections include individual, government, business & e-services, including news, tenders, reporting security issues, e-forms, rules & regulations
6 Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry that looks after agriculture, water, research, fish resources etc
7 Ministry of Civil Service
Site is in Arabic
8 Ministry of Commerce and Industry Tel: 011-401-2222
Ministry whose role is to develop and expand domestic and foreign trade, to adopt initiatives fostering the role of the private sector to allow it effective participation in various economic booms, and to supervise chambers of commerce and industry
9 Ministry of Economy and Planning
Ministry entrusted with the tasks of: preparing the five-year development plans; estimate financial resources required for implementing development plans approved by the council of ministers; collect analyse and publish statistical data
10 Ministry of Education
Web site of the ministry; site is in Arabic
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