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1 Alhamrani Chemical Company (ACC)
Leading supplier of raw materials to the glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and glass reinforced composite (GRC) industry; based in Jeddah, with offices in Jubail, Khobar & Riyadh; products: polyester resins, gelcoats, glass fibre, catalysts etc
2 Astra Agricultural Company Ltd Tel: 011-477-2346
Manufacturers & marketers of seeds, agrochemicals, fertilisers, & agriculture-related products; part of the Astra Group; based in Riyadh
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3 Basic Chemical Industries (BCI)
Largest privately owned chemical company, headquartered in Dammam; group companies make chlor-alkali, sulphuric acid, battery acid, rigid polyurethane, adhesives, chemicals for water treatment etc
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4 Methanol Chemicals Co (earlier Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Co)
Major producer and international supplier of premium grade formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives, super plasticizers and various resins; products: formalin, UF-85, hexamine, melfores, ufores etc; based in Jubail
5 Nama Chemicals Tel: 03-347-8888
Lulu Road, Jubail, Saudi Arabia    Map
Joint stock company with interests in petrochemicals; based in Jubail; has investments in Hassad Petrochemical Company, Arabian Alkali Company (SODA), Jubail Chemical Industries Company (JANA) etc
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6 SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) Tel: 011-225-8000
Petrochemicals company set up to add value to the kingdom's natural hydrocarbon resources; owned by the Saudi government (70%) & private investors; based in Jeddah; SBUs: basic chemicals, intermediates, polyolefins, PVC/polyester, fertilisers, metals
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7 Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co Ltd
Diversified group with interests in chemicals, construction, food, trading in industrial equipment & machinery, warehousing, pumps, mechanical seals, galvanizing, selling cars, furniture, software, lighting fixtures etc
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8 Saudi Chemical Joint Stock Co
Explosives manufacturers based in Riyadh, with branches in Jeddah, Al-Khobar & Abha; products: explosives, detonators, detonating cords, blasting machines etc
9 Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG)
Joint stock company based in Riyadh; has investments in petrochemical industries (Saudi Chevron Phillips, Jubail Chevron Phillips Company); the companies make cyclohexane, mo-gas, benzene, styrene, propylene, motor gasoline etc
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10 Cristal Global Tel: 012-224-8000
King's Road Tower, King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah 21414, Saudi Arabia    Map
Web site of The National Titanium Dioxide Company Ltd ; the only titanium dioxide (TiO2) producer in the Middle East; based in Jeddah, with offices in the UK and Singapore
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