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1 Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry consisting of the directorates of administrative & financial affairs, commerce, industry, specifications & measurements, tourism, planning & follow-up, minerals, commercial offices in Dubai, Geneva etc
2 Ministry of Health
Web site of the ministry; main agency responsible for the provision, coordination and stewardship of the health sector; runs hospitals & health centres, a central blood bank, undertakes drug control etc
3 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tel: 2469-9500
Web site of the ministry; has information on the ministry's responsibilities, Oman's positions, diplomatic missions, foreign policy, the government, consular services, His Majesty's speeches etc
4 Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Tel: 2469-6300
Web site of the ministry; has information on agriculture and fisheries, which constitute Oman's main non-oil exports, the ministry's main activities, marketing network, statistics etc
5 Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs
Web site of the ministry; site is in Arabic
6 Ministry of Civil Services
Site is in Arabic
7 Ministry of Education
Ministry set up to study and propose educational policy for school education, set standards for teaching and learning etc; site has info on TOeFL and IELTS centres, curricula programmes etc
8 Ministry of Finance
Ministry that proposes financial policies, plans and necessary procedures for their implementation; implements ratified financial policies; etc
9 Ministry of Heritage & Culture Tel: 012-464-1300
Ministry involved in caring for antiquities & museums, historic buildings, documents, promoting theater, music, cinema etc
10 Ministry of Manpower
Ministry that proposes and implements manpower general policies in line with the country's economic and social objectives; prepares draft laws regulating the labour market, provides vocational and technical training etc
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