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1 A'Dakhliyah Region
Lies in the interior of the Sultanate; consists of eight wilayats: Nizwa, Sumail, Bahla, Adam, al Hamra, Jebel al Akhdar, Manah, and Bidbid
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2 A'Dhahira Region
Semi desert plain which slopes from the southern foot of Al Hajr Al Gharbi mountains towards the Empty Quarter; consists of five wilayats: Al Buraimi, Ibri, Mahdha, Yanqul, and Dhank; site has info about tourist attractions, traditional songs etc
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3 Al Batinah Region
The Batinah coast region runs from Khatma al Malaha in the north to Ras al Hamra in the Governorate of Muscat; wilayats include Rustaq, Shinas, Liwa, Saham, al Khaboura, Suwaiq, Nakhl, Wadi Ma'awal, Awabi, and Masn'a
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4 Al Wusta Region
Situated to the south of both A'Dakhliah and A'Dhahira regions; has a great number of oil wells; consists of four wilayats: Hayma, Muhut, Doqum, and Al Jazur; Wilayat Hayma is home to the Arabian oryx; site has info about tourist attractions
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5 Ash-Sharqiyah Region
Lies in the north-east of Oman overlooking the Arabian sea; consists of the following wilayats: Sur, Ibra, Bidiyah, Al Qabil, Al Mudaybi Dima Wa At Taiyyin, Al Kamil Wa Al Wafi, Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan, Wadi Bani Khalid & Masirah
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6 Governorate of Dhofar
Located in the south of the sultanate; its climate is dramatically different from the rest of Oman due to the monsoon rains; divided into nine wilayats: Salalah, Thumrayt, Taqah, Marbat, Rakhyut, Dhalkut, Muqshin, Shalim, & the Hallaniyat Islands
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7 Governorate of Musandam
Lies in the extreme north of the Sultanate; important because of its strategic location overlooking the Strait of Hormuz; consists of four wilayats: Khasab, Bukha, Daba al Bayah, and Madha
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8 Governorate of Muscat
Capital and most populous area of the sultanate; situated on the Gulf of Oman in the southern part of the Al Batinah coast; consists of six wilayats: Muscat, Muttrah, Bowshar, A'Seeb, Al Amerat, and Quriyat; famous for Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts
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