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Non-profit organization of women veterinary scientists located in Hyderabad & Pune; works primarily on issues of livestock development; offers training, research & advocacy initiatives in the areas of livestock, biodiversity & people's livelihood
Umbrella organisation for a group of companies that provide financial services & technical assistance to the rural poor; based in Hyderabad; provides micro-credit etc; operates in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa & Jharkhand
Non-profit organisation that seeks to build progressive self-reliant rural communities, with a holistic approach, by providing services in the areas of healthcare, environment, sanitation, primary education, adult literacy & skills development.
Organisation in Secunderabad working to restore health, hope & dignity to people affected by leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS & other allied diseases, & conditions caused by them; established in 1988 as a partner organization to LEPRA UK
Non-profit organisation in Hyderabad striving for eradication of poverty & improving the quality of life of underprivileged sections of society; has undertaken initiatives in child rights, providing safe drinking water & helping to earn a livelihood
Upkaar Complex, Secunderabad, Telengana, India    Map
Rehabilitation institute for the handicapped in Secunderabad; it -- along with sister institutions Upkaar, Aashray, & Suraksha -- serves people with disabilities, the aged, drug addicts, widows, the destitute etc
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