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India's largest news agency, with a staff of over 1,300; headquartered in New Delhi; PTI is a non-profit sharing cooperative owned by the country's newspapers; provides English & Hindi language news services etc; site has news content
One of the largest news agencies in Asia, serving more than 1,000 subscribers in more than 100 locations in India & abroad; based in New Delhi; provides services in English, Urdu & Hindi (UNIVARTA); web site has news content
Multimedia news agency based in New Delhi with over 50 bureaus in India and across the globe; offers customised programmes for TV channels, audio bytes for radio stations, live web casting, wire services for the print section etc
News agency of IANS India Pvt Ltd, in New Delhi; functions as news & information resource on Indian diaspora & South Asia for publications & websites; has Hindi & Arabic service, & TV & newspaper divisions; formerly known as India Abroad News Service   Contact us