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Gensei-ryu karate-do federation in Mumbai; is a member of Genseiryu Karate-do International Federation (Japan) and AIKF, recognised by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and The Government of India
Martial arts association in Pune imparting training in Isshinryu Karate-do & Okinawan Kobudo under the guidance of Sensei Salil Nadkarni (president, IKKAI, India & founder of OKAI); has branch dojos at Chennai and Puducherry
Academy run by George Thomas, who has been trained in Tai Chi in Australia and China; runs centres in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad
Academy of traditional Japanese martial arts started in the year 1991 by the founder member Sensei Jehangir Shroff in Mumbai; trains children and adults in traditional Okinawan goju ryu karate-do, judo/jujitsu, tai chi chuan and yoga   Contact us