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Public-sector fertiliser & chemicals company based in Narmadanagar, Bharuch (Gujarat); is India's largest producer of formic acid, acetic acid & methanol; also provides ISP services, VSAT services, network solutions, Internet gateways etc
2 Nirma
Business group whose main interest is in detergents & soap; other products: salt, scouring products, linear alkyl benzene (LAB), AOS (alfa olefin sulfonate), sulphuric acid, glycerin, soda ash, single super phosphate etc; based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Single-largest producer of caustic soda in India, with a production capacity of 820 tpd; based in Vadodara, Gujarat; promoted by the Gujarat government; other products: caustic potash, chloromethane, sodium, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid etc
Manufacturers of fertilisers & chemicals based in Fertilizernagar, Vadodara District, Gujarat; the public sector company makes 24+ brands of fertiliser, petrochemicals, chemicals, industrial gases, plastics, fibres & other products
5 Atul Ltd Tel: 02632-233-261 BOM:500027
Atul, Gujarat 396020, India     Map
Chemical manufacturers based in Atul, Gujarat (regd office in Ahmedabad); part of the Lalbhai Group; product divisions: agrochemicals, aromatics, bulk chemicals & intermediates, colours, pharmaceuticals & intermediates & polymers
6 Anil Group Tel: +91-79-2220-3222
Off. Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054, India    Map
Business group comprising Anil Limited (corn wet milling), biotechnology (Anil Bioplus Ltd), Anil Mines and Minerals Ltd (AMML), Ascent Knowledge Solutions International (AKSI), Amazo, Anil Mega Food Park (AMFP), Anil Nutrients Ltd (ANL) etc
7 Anil Limited Tel: +91-79-2220-3222
Anil Road, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad 380025, Gujarat, India    Map
Corn wet milling firm manufacturing native & chemical starch, modified starches, dextrins, dextrose monohydrate, liquid glucose, corn syrup & sorbitol for textile, paper, F&B, pharmaceuticals & chemicals sectors; the flagship company of Anil Group
8 Chiripal Group Tel: +91-79-2673-4660
Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat    Map
Business group in Ahmedabad, involved in petrochemicals, textiles (spinning, weaving, knitting, fabric processing), chemicals, infrastructure, & educational sectors; comprises Chiripal Industries Ltd, Nandan Exim Ltd, Vishal Fabrics Pvt Ltd etc
9 Kiri Industries Limited (KIL) Tel: +91-79-2657-4371
Hasubhai Chambers, Ahmedabad, India    Map
One of the largest manufacturers & exporters of a wide range of dyes, intermediates, & chemicals from India; a key contract supplier to world's top 5 dyestuff majors across Asia-Pacific, the EU, & Americas; headquartered in Ahmedabad
10 Meghmani Organics Limited Tel: +91-79-2664-0668 SIN:M30
Manufacturer of pigments, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals based in India; main products are pigment blue, pigment green and pesticides; based in Ahmedabad; listed in Singapore
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