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1 Huaming Alumina Technology Ltd Tel: 533-311-0375
Manufacturers & exporters of alumina balls, grinding balls & inert alumina balls based in Zibo, Shandong; also makes alumina bricks for ball mill lining, alumina abrasion-resistant linings, refractory alumina balls etc
One of the biggest manufacturers of hand carts in Mainland China; based in Qingdao; makes 400 types of push carts & over 200 types of castors; also makes tyres & tubes, wheels, metal products, bearings etc
Manufacturers of tool carts, service carts, hand trucks, platform hand trucks, garden tools & wheelbarrows; based in Qingdao; also makes wheels, castors, tyres & tubes for carts; has a factory spread over 180,000 sq m
One of the key refractory enterprises in China; based in Zibo, Shandong; product range includes fire-clay & high alumina bricks, mullite, sillimanite, andalusite & cordierite bricks, refractory fibre products etc; annual output: 70,000 tonnes
5 Zibo Lianxing Carbon Co Ltd Tel: 0533-760-7999
Manufacturers of petroleum coke based in Zibo; makes calcined petroleum coke, carbon raiser, baked anode for aluminium, graphite electrodes, graphite powder & electrical carbon; total output: more than 1 million tonnes
Manufacturers of construction & building hardware products based in Dezhou, Shandong; products: nails, iron wire, wire nettings, fence posts, garden hardware, rigging hardware, pipes & fittings, foundation chairs, wheelbarrows etc
Manufacturers of hand carts, wheelbarrows, tool carts, castors, platform hand carts, trolleys, rubber wheels, tyres etc; based in Jiaonan, Qingdao   Contact us