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1 BGI Tel: 0755-2527-3620
Beishan Industrial Zone, Yantian, Shenzhen, China    Map
Research institute formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute; areas of activity include whole genome sequencing, genome/ gene variation study, gene regulation, metagenomics etc; was involved in the International Human Genome Project
2 China Development Institute (CDI) Tel: 0755-8241-1011
Jinhu Road, Shenzhen 518029, China    Map
Research & consulting think tank engaged in economic policy studies; also provides economy-related consulting services to government at all levels, to businesses & to other public organisations; based in Shenzhen
Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Tianhe, Guangzhou; has a 300-hectare nursery & exhibition zone, a research and residential zone, a herbarium with over 1,000,000 plant specimens, laboratory complex etc   Contact us