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Manufacturers of a wide variety of plastic parts & components for consumer & industrial products; based in Hong Kong, with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen; makes cases & key tops for calculators, cases for flashlights etc; listed on Nasdaq
Company that has interests in parts & components for OEMs, cameras, clocks, automobiles etc; based in Hong Kong, with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen; companies: Nissin Precision Metal, Kayser Technik, Golden Bright etc; listed on Nasdaq
Manufacturers of engineered plastics & packaging for semiconductors, precision mechanical components, the medical, laboratory, & consumer markets etc; has offices in Hong Kong & manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen; acquired by S&G Company
Web site of Shantou Niido Enterprises; deals in a wide range of toys, handicrafts, plastic goods for the home and office, clocks and watches, ceramics, handbags, cosmetic packaging etc; can be purchased online
Manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery based in Jiaozhou, Shandong; produce more than 100 types of equipment for PVC profiles, sheets, pipes etc; also runs the Shunde Plastic Company, which makes plastic products like pipes, sheets etc
Shenzhen-based company whose activities include plastic injection/ moulding, metal stamping, machining, casting, welding, OEM/ ODM services, PCB assembly, electrical assembly; also sells consumer electronics, phones, computers etc
Manufacturers of plastic products & glassware based in Jiangmen, Guangdong; makes adhesive tapes (Bopp film, masking film, packing, printing etc), infusing parts for plastic bottles & toy shells & glassware
Manufacturers of packaging products based in Shantou, Guangdong; makes vacuum-formed moulded products from PVC, PET, PP, BOPS, OPS, etc; products include trays, boxes, etc used to pack toys, hardware, medicine, food etc   Contact us