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Manufacturers of telecommunication products based in Beijing & Shenzhen; products: ADSL splitters, ADSL LAN modems, extended ISDN network terminals, SMD power products, LAN components etc
Shenzhen-based company that makes set-top boxes (digital satellite, digital cable, digital terrestrial etc), RF products, LED products, IPTV products etc
Distributors of IT & telecom products based in Hong Kong, with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing etc; products: Intel processors & chipsets, power systems, LVDs, switches etc
Business group based in Guangzhou; has interests in radio communication (navigation equipment for ships, aircraft etc), ATM products for the banking industry, precision moulds, property development etc
Suppliers of mobile phone accessories; deals in LCD displays, keypads, housings, inner parts, data cables, batteries, SIM cards, chargers, hands-free earphone kits, software, leather cases, ornaments etc; based in Guangzhou
Manfacturers of RF (radio frequency) products & services based in Shenzhen; makes antennas (base station, microwave, repeater, WLAN/Wimax, GPS etc), tower amplifiers, combiners, low-noise amplifiers etc
Leading manufacturers of hybrid CATV modules in China; based in Shenzhen; subsidiary of China Kejian Corp; products: CATV amplifier modules, mobile phone accessories (chargers), CATV amplifier accessories etc
Web site of the Shenzhen Xuezhiyou Educational Equipment Co, which makes digital learning products, including digital Qu'ran players, weather station, media MP4 players, VOIP telephones etc
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