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1 Acewear (Hong Kong) Ltd Tel: 0591-8753-9588
Wholesale suppliers of China-made footwear; based in Fuzhou, Fujian; product range includes basketball shoes, slippers, boxing shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes, kids shoes, ladies casual shoes, sports sandals, dress shoes etc
Manufacturers & retailers of sports shoes & sneakers; claims to have a leading position in the market; based in Jinjiang, Fujian; listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Manufacturers & distributors of sports footwear & apparel based in Jinjiang, Fujian; products are sold across 21 provinces / cities in over 1,300 retail stores; products include running, basketball, tennis footwear, track suits, T-shirts etc
Manufacturers of sports shoes & apparel for the domestic market under the brand Yeli, & as Kappa for international OEM customers; based in Jinjiang, Fujian; products include basketball, running & hiking footwear, casual footwear etc
Footwear manufacturer & exporter based in Quanzhou, Fujian; makes sports shoes, soccer shoes, flying shoes, men's leather shoes & ladies' dress shoes; make 1.2 million pairs a year
6 Chengda Shoes Tel: 0595-2807-5588
Xunmei Industrial Estate, Fengze, Quanzhou, Fujian, China    Map
Manufacturers of EVA sandals & slippers based in Quanzhou, Fujian; produces 50,000 pairs a day
International footwear company based in Denmark which makes casual, formal & sports shoes; has stores in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong and a factory in Xiamen   Contact us