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Electronic products company based in Fuzhou, Fujian; products include wafers & chips, LED chips, LED lamps, microscopic lamps etc
Leading photonics designer and manufacturer of fibre optic and optical components (devices and modules for fibre optic communication), lasers, crystal materials and photonic products; based in Fuzhou (Fujian)
Company that manufactures all kinds of relays including automotive relays, telecom relays, hermetic relays, solid state relays, time relays and sockets
Company in Xiamen that manufactures semi-conductor devices, micro-computer based controllers for family appliances, and fibre-optics communication devices; products: infrared LEDs, light sensors, photo diodes, photo transistons etc
5 Xiamen Ocular LCD Devices Co Ltd Tel: 0592-761-5261
13 Xiang Hong Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China    Map
One of the leading manufacturers of liquid crystal display (LCD) products in China; based in Xiamen; product range includes LCD panels, modules, LED & CCFL backlights etc
Manufacturer of electronics products including flat panel (PDP/LCD) television sets, cathode-ray tube (CRT) television sets, set-top boxes, other telecommunication products and electronic components
Company in Fuzhou, Fujian that makes electronic components, IC circuits, etc
8 Fuzhou TCT Co Ltd Tel: 0591-8371-6167
Optical components & coatings company based in Fuzhou; deals in crystals, micro optics, optical filters, optical coatings etc
9 Xiamen Ocular Optics Tel: 0592-571-5296
Guangxia South Tower, Torch Hi-Tech Development Area, Xiamen, Fujian, China    Map
Manufacturers & exporters of LCD modules based in Xiamen; produces 2 million modules a year; product range includes character LCD modules, graphic LCD modules in FSTN, STN, HTN, TN etc   Contact us