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Government entity based in Beijing; areas of activity: regional geology, geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing, marine geology, mineral resources, hydrogeology, environmental geology etc
Comprehensive research institution for international studies, comprising seven institutes, three research divisions, 10 research centres etc; based in Haidian, Beijing; research areas: strategic, security, economic, country studies etc
Independent research & advisory firm specialising in China's economy and its influence on Asia & the world; has offices in Hong Kong & Beijing; provides research & advisory services, makes presentations, publishes journals etc
Comprehensive academic facility for the study of geoscience; research divisions: earth's deep structure & process, lithosphere tectonic evolution, cenozoic geology & environment, space electromagnetic environment etc; based in Beijing
Integrated research institution that works in both basic & applied earth sciences; areas of activity: earthquake geology, tectonics, geodynamics, tectonophysics, earthquake engineering etc; based in Beijing
National research institution that does research into seismology, geomagnetism etc; based in Beijing
Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences; conducts basic and applied research in microbial resources, microbial ecology, fermentation, microbial enzymology, molecular virology, and molecular microbial genetics; based in Beijing
Software Park, South 4th Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian, Beijing, China    Map
Government-sponsored research institute that focuses on the fundamental theories of computer science as well as software technologies & their applications; based in Beijing; offers masters & PhD programmes in computer science, software technology
Leading research centre in China in the fields of world economics and international politics, and a think tank for the government; based in Beijing; part of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS); web site has research papers, data etc
1 Beichen West Road, Beijing 100101, China    Map
Government-funded research institute in zoological sciences, in Haidian, Beijing; activities include conservation of endangered animals, controlling agricultural pests, reproductive biology, developmental biology & ageing, animal-borne diseases etc
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