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First non-profit NGO foundation dedicated to environmental protection in China; based in Chongwen, Beijing
China arm of the international environment organisation; conducts activities to promote sustainable agriculture, stop climate change, eliminate toxic chemicals, protect ancient forests etc; has offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou & Beijing
3 World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) China Tel: +86-10-6511-6211
Beijing Working People's Culture Palace, Beijing 100006, China    Map
Web site of the China branch of the international conservation organisation; has programmes in areas like climate & energy, forests, ecoregions, education & capacity building etc; based in Beijing
8 Dayangfang Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing 100012, China    Map
Independent institution under the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA); mission is to provide technical support & services such as environmental planning, environmental policy, & consultation for the Chinese government & corporations
Organisation set up by the National Climate Centre (NCC); areas of activity include climate monitoring & diagnosis, prediction, impact assessment etc
International environmental organisation based in Washington D.C. (USA), with branches in Beijing, Shanghai & Wuhan; works with companies, NGOs & the government to promote environmental awareness etc
Cooperative venture between the Italian Ministry for the Environment & Territory and Chinese governmental institutions (SEPA, CASS, MOST); implements sustainable development projects etc; based in Beijing & Shaghai
Non-governmental organisation whose aims are to promote environmental protection & sustainable development; based in Beijing; organises field trips, vacation camps, seminars, training classes etc
Non-governmental organisation dedicated to protect the environment in the Xinjiang region; based in Beijing; organises lectures, forums etc   Contact us