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1 Government of Punjab
Portal that acts as an electronic gateway to information and services offered by the state of Punjab; caters to the needs of various Departments of Punjab State Government and provides e-Governance services to its citizens
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2 Arunachal Pradesh
Official web site with sections on its history, people, government, district administration, capital Itanagar, rivers, tourist information (Namdapha wildlife sanctury), developmental activities, flora & fauna, sports & educational institutions etc
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3 Government of Assam
Official website of the government of Assam state in N.E India; has info about the state's language, arts, religion, people, chief minister, legislative assembly, government departments, tourism, education facilities etc
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4 Government of Bihar
Official web site of the Bihar government; has information under the sections state profile, governance, departments, educational institutions, capital Patna, Bihar through figures, news, market value of land, district web sites etc
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5 Government of Haryana
Web site of the Haryana government with its capital at Chandigarh; has info on the government, policies, acts & rules, districts, land records, tourism, tenders, people & culture, agriculture, education etc
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6 Government of Madhya Pradesh
Official web site of the Madhya Pradesh government, located in Bhopal; has information on its various districts, government departments, public enterprises, MP Board results etc
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7 Government of Meghalaya
Official site of Government of Meghalaya; has information on the chief minister, governor, government departments, tourist attractions, local newspapers, people & culture, economy, academic institutions etc
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8 Government of Rajasthan
Official web site of the Rajasthan government; has information on the chief minister, cabinet, government departments, policies, tourism, history of the state, people, paintings, folk dance, music, fairs & festivals, heritage hotels etc
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9 Government of Uttar Pradesh
Official web site of the UP government; has information under the sections government, society/ culture, structure of the state, tourism, Census 2001, films, state polices, tender notices; has links to other state government sites
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10 Gujarat
Official portal of the Gujarat government; has information on the government, tourism, initiatives, demography, agriculture, infrastructure, industries & mining, investment opportunities, museums, heritage hotels, e-Governance etc
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