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121 Nova International
Company that manufactures speciality & fine chemicals, bromine compounds, intermediates for bulk drugs, pigments and dyes, phase transfer catalysts, organic/ inorganic pigments, food colours and dyes, & herbal extracts; located in Ahmedabad
122 Omni Dye-Chem Exports Ltd
Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, engaged in the manufacture & export of pigment green; offers special grades of phthalocyanine pigment green -7 for paints, dry dispersions, painting ink, rubber, textile emulsion, food package industries etc
123 Oriental Carbon and Chemicals Ltd (OCCL)
Manufacturer of insoluble sulphur based in New Delhi; part of the Duncan JP Goenka Group; produces a wide range of insoluble sulphur grades ( pre-dispersed & master batches), commercial grade & battery grade sulphuric acid, & oleums
124 Paushak Ltd
Speciality chemicals company belonging to the Alembic group in Vadodara, Gujarat; produces phosgene gas and phosgene-based speciality chemicals/ intermediates used in diverse fields such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, plastics, perfumeries etc
125 PI Industries Ltd
Agricultural inputs, fine chemicals (contract research & manufacturing), polymers and engineering services company based in Gurgaon; deals in plant nutrients, seeds, pesticides, engineering plastics, pharmaceutical intermediates etc
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126 Pioneer Distilleries Ltd
Company based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh; manufactures extra neutral alcohol (ENA,) rectified spirit (RS), special denatured spirit (SDS) and absolute alcohol (ethanol); factory is in Nanded, Maharashtra
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127 Planter's Polysacks Limited Tel: +91-22-6636-8078
Office No 1401, Real Tech Park, Plot No-39/2, Sector No-30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 40, India    Map
Firm engaged in the trading of dyes & chemicals (soda ash, acids, bases, metallic chemicals, bleaching powder etc), plastics (polypropylene bags, plastic sheets, tapes, master batches plastic containers, capes, boxes etc), rubber items etc
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128 Poddar Pigments Ltd
First company in India to manufacture masterbatches for dope dyeing of polypropylene, nylon & polyester multifilament yarn/ fibers; manufactures special grade colour and additive masterbatches; headquartered in Kolkata
129 Polson Ltd
Asia's largest manufacturer & exporter of natural vegetable tannin extracts and eco-friendly leather chemicals; makes synthetic tanning agents, fat liquors and intermediates for the leather chemical industry; based in Mumbai
130 Pondy Oxides & Chemical Ltd
ISO certified public limited company in Chennai manufacturing metallic oxides & plastic additives including zinc oxide, lead sub oxide, litharge red lead, solid and liquid stabilizers of PVC, batteries, lead and zinc metal etc
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