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11 Mao Zedong
Biographical article on Chairman Mao in Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia; sections: early life, politics & ideas, war & revolution, leadership of China, cult of Mao, legacy, family, writings, external links, video, reference
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12 Opium Wars
Entry in Wikipedia on the Opium Wars between Britain & China; sections: growth of the opium trade (1650-1911), the East India Company (1773-1833), from the Napier affair through the first opium war (1834-1843)
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13 Peking Man World Heritage Site at Zhoukoudian
Web page on the UNESCO site that offers information on the site where the remains of the `Peking Man' were found; Zhoukoudian is a small village situated about 50 km southwest of Beijing
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14 Sun Yat-sen
Entry in Wikipedia on the Chinese revolutionary leader & statesman (November 12, 1866 - March 12, 1925); was instrumental in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty & the establishment of the Chinese Republic; founder of the Kuomintang Party
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15 Tales of Old China
Web site that stores words and images from Old China, between 1840 & 1950; has online books, images, journals, quotes etc; also has a large collection of photographs; presented by Earnshaw Books
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16 The British Museum -- Ancient China
Web site on China set up by the British Museum of London (UK); has brief informative articles under the heads Crafts & Artisans, Geography, Time, Tombs & Ancestors, Writing
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17 The Gate of Heavenly Peace
Web site on the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989, and the documentary of the same name; has information on the background of the movement, and the subsequent government crackdown
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18 The Treaty of Nanking
Copy of the treaty, signed between China & England, to end the first opium war that was fought between 1839 & 1842
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19 Timeline: China
Chronology of key events from 1949 to 2005 in the Middle Kingdom, on the BBC's web site; events include the Communist takeover, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, Three Gorges Project, 50th Anniversary, SARS virus outbreak etc
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20 Treaty of Nanking
Wikipedia entry on the treaty to end the first opium war between England & China; the treaty was signed on 29 August 1842
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