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1 China Culture Information Net
Treasure trove of information on Chinese culture; has articles on Chinese cinema, folk theatre, modern drama, architecture, poetry, music, ancient dances, television, Quyi, Chinese acrobatics, shadow theatre, puppetry, calligraphy, painting etc
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Web site on Chinese history, culture, politics and the economy; has sections on travel in china, cultural institutions, museums, laws and regulations, theatre, learning Chinese etc
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3 Chinese Characters FAQ
Contains information on Chinese characters, how old they are, what simplified characters are, foreign words, pronunciation, radicals, putonghua, etymologies, etc
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4 Chinese Storytelling
Guide to Chinese storytelling; sections: a short introduction, oral & written literature, professional storytelling, history & milieu, masters & disciplines etc
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5 Feng Shui
Entry in Wikipedia on the ancient Chinese practice of placement & arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment; sections: overview, Feng Shui in more recent times, postmodernism etc
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6 -- Chinese Characters & Culture
Contains the complete text of Amazon's best-selling, Chinese-English dictionary: `Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary'; other sections: online books, vocubulary, learn Chinese, Chinese FAQ & other links
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7 The Fengshui Gate
Has essays on the origin of Feng Shui, including cosmological origins, numerology, environmental basis, Zangshu, the Book of Burial etc
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