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1 China Vitae
Has information on more than 2,500 current Chinese political, military, economic, business and academic leaders; by Wen Wei Publishing Co Ltd., Hong Kong; sections: CPC Central Committee, National People's Congress, Prominent Families etc
2 The Jack who would be king
Article on Jack Ma, founder of the business-to-business web site, in The Economist magazine
3 Mao Zedong
Biographical article on Chairman Mao in Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia; sections: early life, politics & ideas, war & revolution, leadership of China, cult of Mao, legacy, family, writings, external links, video, reference
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4 Sun Yat-sen
Entry in Wikipedia on the Chinese revolutionary leader & statesman (November 12, 1866 - March 12, 1925); was instrumental in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty & the establishment of the Chinese Republic; founder of the Kuomintang Party
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5 Wong Kwong Yu
Article in The Economist about the founder of Gome, retailer of electrical appliances
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