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11 Yellow River
Web site of the Yellow River Conservation Commission (YRCC), a government agency in charge of water administration in the Yellow River basin & other river basins; site also has information on the river, and some cities
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12 Center for Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge (CBIK)
Participatory learning organisation dedicated to biodiversity conservation & community livelihood development, as well as documentation of indigenous knowledge; based in Kunming, Yunnan; activities: watership governance, community livelihood etc
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13 Environmental Protection Bureau of Shantou
Environment protection organisation based in Shantou; site has information on the city's air quality, drinking water etc
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14 Friends of Nature (FON)
Non-governmental organisation whose aims are to promote environmental protection & sustainable development; based in Beijing; organises field trips, vacation camps, seminars, training classes etc
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15 Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs
Chinese environmental organisation dealing with issues like water pollution etc; site has information on water quality of major rivers, lakes & reservoirs, groundwater, wastewater & sewage discharge, land-based pollution sources, pollution incidents
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16 Save China's Tigers
Charitable organisation that aims to create awareness about the endangered Chinese Tiger (also called the South China Tiger); less than 30 are left in the wild today; collects funds etc; has offices in London, Kentucky (USA) & Hong Kong
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17 Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas (Sino-Eco)
Organisation that aims to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge & scientific developments among ecologists & related scientists (overseas & local Chinese); registered in the State of Delaware (USA)
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18 Xinjiang Conservation Fund (XFC)
Non-governmental organisation dedicated to protect the environment in the Xinjiang region; based in Beijing; organises lectures, forums etc
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