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1 Institute of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Site that provides information on traditional Chinese medicine; sections: introduction, institutes in China, organisations, hospitals in China & abroad, databases, journals, libraries, TCM schools in China, alternative medicine schools abroad etc
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
2 Shangyu Chemical Industry Corp
Manufacturers of chemicals & traditional Chinese medicine based in Shangyu; among the biggest peroxide products producers in the world; products: sodium carbonate, sodium perborate, magnesium peroxide, calcium peroxide, kalium bisulfate etc
Chemicals   Traditional Chinese Medicine  
3 Shen-Nong Ltd
Web site that provides information about Chinese traditional medicine; sections: history, basic principles, east & west perspectives, health topics, lifestyles, TCM glossary, herbal glossary, research, chat forum, clinics etc
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
4 China Beijing Tongrentang Group Co Ltd
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) company based in Beijing; has over 200 pharmacies in China; deals in medicines for soothing the nerves, for the digestive apparatus, to relieve exterior syndrome, clearing heat etc
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
5 China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited Tel: 852-3521-0816 HKG: 2877
18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong    Map
Largest Chinese medicine injection & soft capsule manufacturer in the PRC; makes Shenmai, Qingkailing, Huangqi, Shuxiening injections, Wufu Xinnaoqing & Huoxiang Zhengqi soft capsules, Xiao'er Qingfei Huatan granules etc
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
6 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
11 North 3rd Ring Road East, Chaoyang, Beijing, China    Map
Institution for higher learning in traditional Chinese medicine, located in the Chao Yang district of Beijing; has 16,160 students; offers courses in Chinese medicine, Chinese materia medica, pharmaceutical engineering, acupuncture, moxibustion etc
Traditional Chinese Medicine   Universities  
7 Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (FCTCM)
One of the earliest universities of its kind in China; confers bachelors, masters & doctoral degrees; has 5,000 students
Universities   Traditional Chinese Medicine  
8 Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg (HK) Ltd Tel: 852-3602-2888
88 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong    Map
Manufacturers of herbal medicine; offers products for detoxification, slimming, men, women, body protection etc; products include Stimulean Tea, Slim Factor, Female Essence, Superior Lingzhi, Flu Reliever, Cordyceps, Calm Lavender
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
9 Purapharm Corporation
Fastest growing traditional Chinese medicine company in Hong Kong; its product lines cover a wide spectrum, ranging from ethical Chinese medicine granules to over-the-counter health & diet food products; also runs clinics
Traditional Chinese Medicine  
10 Shanghai Haixin Group Co Ltd
Business group involved in plush fabrics, acrylic yarn & polyester fibre, stuffed toys, acrylic blankets, garments, traditional Chinese medicine etc; based in Shanghai
Textiles   Furnishings   Toys   Traditional Chinese Medicine  
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