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1 China Atomic Energy Authority
Organisation responsible for deliberating on and drawing up policies and regulations on peaceful uses of nuclear energy, approving major nuclear R&D projects, carrying out nuclear material control, nuclear export supervision and management etc
Energy   Government Agencies  
2 China Meteorological Administration Tel: 010-5899-5870
46 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing, China    Map
State government institution responsible for administering and overseeing weather-related affairs nationwide; site carries weather forecasts for important cities
Weather   Government Agencies  
3 China Pesticide Information Network
Web site set up by the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, the national authority responsible for pesticide registration and supervision, quality control, bioassay, residue monitoring, law enforcement, information exchange etc
Government Agencies   Pesticides  
4 Logistics Hong Kong
Government initiative to create a conducive atmosphere for Hong Kong to be developed as a preferred international & regional logistics hub & a supply chain base; by LOGSCOM & LOGSCOUNCIL
Logistics   Government Agencies  
5 National Bureau of Statistics of China
57 Yuetan Nanjie, Sanlihe, Xicheng District, Beijing 100826, China    Map
Has information on national and information standards; census figures; national accounts; statistics on population, employment and wages, investment and fixed assets, production and consumption of energy, gross domestic product, consumer prices etc
Government Agencies   Statistics  
6 SASAC Tel: 010-6319-2000
Web site of the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC); activities: managing state assets, auditing, reform & restructuring, developing state key enterprises etc
Government Agencies  
7 State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) Tel: 010-6208-3114
6 Xitucheng Lu, Beijing, China    Map
Organisation set up to draft the revision of the Chinese patent law and its implementation regulations, formulated related intellectual property regulations, organise and formulate patent execution
Government Agencies  
8 Standardization Administration of China
9 Ma Dian Dong Lu, Beijing 100088, China    Map
Government agency in charge of ensuring unifed standards and regulating the system of Chinese standards
Government Agencies  
9 State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
Organisation that falls under the direct supervision of the State Council; in charge of the country's radio, television and film industry and directly supervises China National Radio, China Radio International, and China Central Television
Government Agencies   Radio   Television  
10 State Post Bureau Tel: 010-8832-3021
Government agency that regulates the postal industry in China; develops the national postal network etc
Government Agencies  
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