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91 Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT) Tel: 0931-297-6038
287 Langongping Road, Lanzhou, Gansu, China    Map
University in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu Province; teaches engineering, science & the liberal arts; has 15 colleges & departments, 42 undergraduate & specialty programmes, 23 masters degree programmes etc; has 22,000 students
92 Liaocheng University
University in Liaocheng, the only one in western Shandong; offers courses in economics, law, philosophy, management, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture & education; has over 24,000 students
93 Liaoning Normal University (LNNU)
850 Huanghe Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China    Map
One of the key institutions of higher learning in Liaoning Province, located in Dalian; offers 39 academic programmes at the undergraduate level, 36 at the masters level and two at the doctoral level
94 Liaoning Universty (LNU)
Multi-disciplinary comprehensive university in Shenyang; among the nation's key Project 211 universities; has 1,116 faculty & 18,700 students; departments: Chinese language & literature, art, natural science, engineering, management etc
95 Missouri State University -- Branch Campus, China Tel: 0411-8215-8008
850 Huang He Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China    Map
Branch of the American university located on the campus of the Liaoning Normal University (LNU) in Dalian; offers a two-year Associate of Arts course & a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business
96 Nanjing Normal University Tel: 025-8372-8418
University with a history tracing back to 1902; offers 94 master's degree programmes, 42 PhD programmes, seven post-doctoral stations, & a Master of Education programme; areas: philosophy, economics, law, engineering, science etc
97 Nanjing Tech University Tel: +86-25-5813-9152
Inner Ring North Line, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China    Map
Multi-disciplinary research & teaching-type university in Nanjing that offers mainly engineering courses; also offers courses in the sciences, management, economics, liberal arts, law & philosophy; has around 30,000 students
98 Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (NUAA)
One of the key universities in China offering science & engineering courses; based in Nanjing; departments: aerospace engineering, automation engineering, civil aviation, sciences, humanities etc; has around 13,000 students
99 Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST) Tel: 025-5873-1051
219 Ningliu Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China    Map
One of the key institutions of higher learning in China, formerly known as Nanjing Institute of Meteorology; offers bachelors, masters & doctoral degrees; areas include science, engineering, management, literature, etc; has 18,000 students
100 Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications (NUPT) Tel: 025-349-2393
66 Xin Mofan Malu, Nanjing, China    Map
University with campuses in Sanpailou, Xianlin & Xiaoxing, Nanjing
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