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1 BenQ Corporation
Chinese arm of the digital projectors, storage devices, wireless technologies & electronic components company; products: mobile phones, digital displays, scanners, keyboards etc; China headquarters are in Suzhou
Communication Products   Consumer Electronics   Computer Peripherals  
2 Expansys China
Specialist retailers of wireless technology products with worldwide operations; the China office is in Shenzhen; sells products online; range include pocket & palm PCs, mobile phones, Apple iPods & other MP3 players, digital cameras etc
Consumer Electronics   Communication Products   Computer Dealers   Computer Peripherals  
Leading computer hardware manufacturers in China; based in Guangzhou; makes computer cases, PCs, multimedia speakers, power supplies, desktops, servers, storage, keyboards, mice, MP3 players, ink cartridges etc
Computer Manufacturers   Computer Peripherals   Computer Components  
4 TPV Technology Limited
Second largest monitor maker in the world specialising in design and production of CRTs, LCDs, CKD/SKD of AOC, Envision and Amark brands; has plants in Fuqing (Fuzhou City) and Beijing; listed in Hong Kong and Singapore
Computer Peripherals  
5 China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co Ltd
Large group of businesses engaged in the computer industry and related activities; manufactures core computer parts, computers (PCs), notebook computers, servers, ATMs; does software and systems integration, builds broadband networks etc
Computer Manufacturers   Computer Peripherals   Software Products  
6 Digital China
Information technology services company based in Beijing; businesses: distribution of IT products including PCs, servers, storage products, peripherals, software, wireless access equipment etc; systems integration; and networking products
Computer Dealers   Computer Peripherals   IT Hardware   Software Firms  
7 Fei Yeung Union Tel: +86-21-6715-8919
19 Ganghe Rd, Xidu, Fengxian, Shanghai 201401, China    Map
Manufacturers of printers & engravers based in Shenzhen; makes large-format printers etc
Computer Peripherals  
8 Greatwall Information Industry Co Ltd (GWI)
One the biggest manufacturers of computer terminals in China; based in Changsha; also makes cash registers, PCB & PFC, digital TV set-top boxes, taxi meters etc and develops application software
Computer Peripherals   Software Firms  
9 Netac
One of the largest mobile storage, wireless data & digital entertainment products manufacturers in the world; based in Shenzhen, Guangdong; makes USB flash drives, USB security devices, MP3 players, hard disk based entertainment devices etc
Computer Peripherals   Consumer Electronics  
10 AHCOF International Development Co Ltd
Suppliers of computer accessories, peripherals & digital products; based in Shenzhen; part of Anhui Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs; products: power supply, computer casing, earphones, speakers, modems, mice, MP3 players, webcams etc
Computer Peripherals   Computer Components  
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