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11 Shuanghui Group Tel: 0395-262-2616
Luohe, Henan, China    Map
Large-scale meat-processing company; has the capacity to slaughter 15 million pigs & process 2.5 million tonnes of cooked meat products a year; ranked 177th among China's Top 500 enterprises in 2009; has branches in Japan, Singapore, Philippines etc
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12 United Food Holdings Limited Tel: 0539-7106-688
Leading producer & supplier of soybean products, animal feed & pigs of quality breeds in Mainland China; produces soybean/ salad oil & meal, feed for pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits & fish, & has three pig farms that produce 200,000 pigs per annum
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13 Orient Foods Ltd Tel: 0596-295-0880
East Shengli Rd, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China    Map
Processed foods company based in Zhangzhou, Fujian; exports between 15,000 & 20,000 tonnes of juice & puree concentrates annually; suppliers for brands like Tropicana, McCain, Valio etc; also deals in canned food, freeze-dried items etc
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14 Sun Wah Group Tel: 852-3188-1800
12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong    Map
Diversified conglomerate whose businesses include seafood & foodstuff, real estate, financial services, infrastructure, technology & media; Based in Hong Kong, with activities in Mainland China, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia etc
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15 Tingyi Cayman Islands Holding Corporation Tel: 022-6686-8888 HKG: 0322
Company whose subsidiaries are involved in the production & distribution of instant noodles, beverages & baked goods in the PRC; known for its `Master Kong' brand
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16 China Yurun Food Group Ltd Tel: 0258-680-2757 HKG: 1068
10 Yurun Road, Jianye, Nanjing, China    Map
Leading meat product manufacturers in China; offers a wide range of pork products, including chilled pork, frozen pork, low temperature meat products (LTMP) and high temperature meat products (HTMP); brands: Yurun, Popular Meat Packing etc
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17 Gansu JOY Agricultural Technology Co Ltd Tel: 0935-413-3138
East City Industrial Development Zone, Wuwei, China    Map
Producers of sunflower seeds for planting & refined sunflower oil (brand: Westerner); other products include oil cake, oil-type sunflower seeds for planting, confection-type sunflower seeds etc
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18 Synutra International, Inc NASDAQ:SYUT
Infant formula company selling products under the Shengyuan, Synutra & other brands; also offers toll packaging, drying services, sale of ingredients & materials to industrial customers
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19 Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd Tel: 852-2891-3997
Bottled mineral water company that offers `5100 Tibet Glacier Spring Water' sourced from a unique glacial spring 5,100 meters above sea level; based in Hong Kong
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20 China Fishery Group Limited Tel: 852-2548-2666
188 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong    Map
One of the world's leading fishing companies, specialising in a variety of ocean-caught fish; harvests, does onboard processing, & delivers fish products to processors & distributors worldwide
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