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61 Dragonchip
Semiconductor company based in Hong Kong; involved in the design, manufacture, marketing & sales of Embedded Flash MCU and SoC Integrated Circuits (ICs); also sells integrated circuits & SoC solutions under the Dragonchip brandname
Electronic Components  
62 Furica (Fujian Furi Electronics Co Ltd)
Company in Fuzhou, Fujian that makes electronic components, IC circuits, etc
Electronic Components  
63 Fuzhou TCT Co Ltd Tel: 0591-8371-6167
Optical components & coatings company based in Fuzhou; deals in crystals, micro optics, optical filters, optical coatings etc
Electronic Components   Imaging  
64 Guangdong Shengyi Sci Tech Co Ltd
Manufacturers of copper-clad laminates based in Dongguan, with factories in Suzhou & Xianyang; makes FR-4, CEM-3 & CEM-1 laminates as well as copper foils used in multilayer printed circuit boards
Electronic Components  
65 Haining Sanlin Electronic Co Ltd
Designers & manufacturers of electronic transformers, inductors, plastic bobbins & ferrite magnetic cores based in Haining, Zhejiang; products: SMD transformers, linear transformers, toroidal choke coils, inductors, choke coils etc
Electronic Components  
66 Hi-Tech Optoelectronics Co Ltd (HTOE)
Company based in Haidian, Beijing; makes laser diode devices, photo detectors, high-power laser diode arrays, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, laser diode characteristics testing systems etc; joint venture between CECIC & ISCAS
Electronic Components  
67 Huaya Microelectronics Inc
Fabless semiconductor company that provides IC design chips for video solutions; based in Shanghai, with offices in Nanjing, Shenzhen & the USA; has products for set-top boxes, small portable displays, large screen HD displays etc
Electronic Components  
68 Karin Electronic Supplies Co Ltd (KESCO)
Leading distributors of electronic components, IT products and industrial materials in Hong Kong & China; based in Hong Kong; products: integrated circuits, semiconductors, connectors, power supply, hardware & software, also sets up servers etc
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69 New Spirit Technology Ltd (NST)
Integrated circuits solutions company based in Hong Kong; provides IC custom designed applications for toys, consumer electronic products, electronic appliances & information appliances; part of the Karin Group
Electronic Components  
70 Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics Co Ltd Tel: 0574-8823-1777 SHE:002119
Largest Chinese manufacturers of plastic-sealed semiconductor lead frames, with an annual yield of 16 billion pieces; located in Yinzhou, Ningbo; other products include gold bonding wire, smart card stripe, & moulds
Electronic Components  
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