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31 Hebei I.T. (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Shanghai-based company that manufactures LED diodes, LCD modules, connectors, Peltier modules, multimeters, panelmeters, and heatsinks under the HB brand name
Electronic Components  
32 Hua Ren Electronic Technology Development Company Tel: 755-8399-9637
2006 Huaqiangnei Rd, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China    Map
Dealers of Nippon Aleph products in China; based in Shenzhen; products include reed switches, reed relays, detective sensing devices, security equipment & information-oriented equipment terminal units
Security Products   Electronic Components  
33 Innova Superconductor Technology (InnoST)
Leader in the high-temperature superconductor (HTS) industry in China; based in Beijing; makes HTS wire
Electronic Components  
34 Jet Man Enterprise Company Ltd
ISO 9001/2000 certified company that manufactures surfaced mount power inductors, molded wire wound chip Inductors, wound chip Inductors, line filters, MPP core, custom design inductors etc at its plant in Naihai, Guangdong (China)
Electronic Components  
35 Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co Ltd Tel: 0510-8685-6417
275 Binjiang Middle Road, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China    Map
Integrated circuits & discrete devices manufacturers based in Jiangyin; product range includes diodes, voltage regulators, transistors etc; produced 15 billion discrete devices & 2.5 billion ICs in 2004
Electronic Components  
36 Karin Technology Holdings Limited
Distributors of electronic components, provider of IC software application design solutions, and supplier of IT infrastructure services and data storage management solutions; has operations in Hong Kong and China
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37 Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd
One of the world's largest manufacturers of laminates; products: paper laminates, printed circuit boards, chemicals, copper foil, glass fabric, glass yarn, bleached kraft paper, liquid crystal displays, and magnetic products; based in Hong Kong
Paper Etc   Electronic Components  
38 Lafe Corporation Ltd
Company engaged in the design and manufacture of recording heads and related assemblies for tape autoloaders, tape drives, hard disk drives, optical drives and card readers; based in Hong Kong; listed in Singapore; factory in Pany (Guangdong)
Electronic Components  
39 Ningbo CSR Times Transducer Technique Co Ltd Tel: 0574-8738-3998
138 Zhenyong Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315021, China    Map
Manufacturers of high-performance sensors for railway & varied industrial applications; subsidiary of Zhuzhou Times Electric Group; based in Ningbo; products include voltage & current transducers, pressure transmitters, speed sensors etc
Electronic Components   Instrumentation  
40 Ningbo East Electronics Ltd
One of the largest manufacturers & exporters of piezo buzzers and sirens in China; based in Ningbo, Zhejiang; exports 90 per cent of its products, which include piezo transducers, SMD buzzers, high-output alarm transducers, speakers etc
Electronic Components  
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