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31 China Salt Jintan Co Ltd Tel: +86-519-8232-3778
129 Beihuan East Road, Jintan, Jiangsu, China    Map
Company involved in the production of rock salt & generation & distribution of electricity; based in Jintan; offers pallet, iodized, bulk wet, table salt etc
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32 Chonqing Better Industrial & Trading (Group) Co Ltd
Chemicals manufacturer based in Chongqing; product range includes titanium dioxide, manganese dioxide, strontium carbonate, ferrite oxide, strontium salts, barium salts, rare earth products etc
33 Dongying Longxing Chemical Co Ltd Tel: 0546-689-6098
Chemical manufacturers based in Dongying; products include dichloromethane, trichloromethane (chloroform), sulphuric acid, toluene, acetone, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, methanol, hydrogen peroxide, dichloropropane, dichloropropene, aniline etc
34 Green Chemicals (GRCHEM)
International company that specialises in the manufacture of oil drilling chemicals & food additives; leading suppliers of calcium chloride, bromides & xantham gum in China; based in Weifang, Shandong
35 Haining Zhonglian Chemicals Co Ltd
Manufacturers of photo initiators, solid triphosgene, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide-intermediates etc; based in Haining, Zhejiang; products include bis (trichlormethyl) carbonate (BTC), phenyl dimethyl sulphide, isobutyryl chloride etc
36 Handan Iron & Steel Group Chemical Co Ltd
Producers of fine chemicals located in Handan City; products include dibutyl carbonic acid, pivalic acid, pivaloyl chloride, 3-chloropivaloyl chloride, oxadiazon, clomazone
37 Hengshui Dongfeng Chemical Co Ltd
Chemical company based in Hengshui, Hebei; makes sebacic acid and related products -- refined sebacic acid, dimethyl sebacate (DMS), dibutyl sebacate (DBS) and dioctyl sebacate (DOS); biggest producer of sebacic acid in China
38 Huakang Chemical
Specialised providers of indoles, chiral chemicals & related products based in Shangyu, Zhejiang; products: tegaserod maleate, rebamipide, S-(+)-ketoprofen, S-(+)-ibuprofen, DL-trytophan, S-(-)-2-piperidine carboxylic acid etc
39 Jiande Dayang Chemical Co Ltd
Largest manufacturers of potassium carbonate in China; based in Jiande, Zhejiang; other products: potassium bicarbonate, titanium dioxide nanometer, ammonium chloride, potassium carbonate, fluoride & chloride products etc
40 Jiangsu Tendenci Chemical Co Ltd
Longhai Road, Changshu, Jiangshu, China    Map
Specialised manufacturers of pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates &specialty chemicals; based in Changshu, Jiangsu; products include nitroguanidine, guanidine nitrate, guanidine hydrochloride, methylnitroguanidine etc
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