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181 Zhejiang Zhebang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Manufacturers of organic intermediates on a custom-manufacturing basis; located in the Shangyu Hangzhou Gulf Chemical Zone
Pharmaceuticals   Chemicals  
182 Zhenmao Development Company Ltd
Chemical trading company based in Maoming, Guangdong; products: liquid paraffin oil, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, phosphoric acid, petroleum resin, wax, food additives, pharmaceuticals, knives etc
Trading   Chemicals   Kitchen Equipment  
183 Zhongshun Science & Technology Co Ltd
Company based in Zibo, Shandong; deals in biological chemicals, rare earth permanent magnets, permanent magnet DC brushless motors etc
Chemicals   Electrical Accessories  
184 Zhuzhou Jinyuan Chemical Industry Co Ltd
Chemical manufacturers based in Zhuzhou, Hunan; products: sulphamic acid, copper sulphate, lead nitrate, zinc chloride, electrolytic lead
185 Zibo Fuyan Chemical Industry Co Ltd
Pigment manufacturers (phthalocyanine blue) based in Zibo
186 Zibo Lier Chemical Co Ltd
Manufacturers of sodium aluminate, high-temperature alumina, low-temperature alumina, aluminum hydroxide (filler or toothpaste grade) etc; based in Zibo; products are used in the petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals industries etc
187 ZiBo Nanhan Chemical Co Tel: 0533-568-6818
Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong, China    Map
Manufacturers of fluoride products based in Zibo; products: cryolite, aluminium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, sodium fluoride & hydrofluoric acid; also makes sulphuric acid
188 Zibo Qixiang Petrochemical Industry Group Co Ltd Tel: 0533-754-8066
Zibo-based business group with interests in chemical products, chemical additives, rubber products, engineering contracts, merchandise trade, livestock raising, hotels, building materials, etc
Business Groups   Trading   Chemicals   Rubber Products  
189 Zibo Xinglu Chemical Co Ltd Tel: 0533-650-0022
Zibo, Shandong, China    Map
Chemical company based in Zibo; produces sulphuric acid, acrylic acid, ethylene glycol etc
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