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111 Jiangyan Guangming Chemical Factory
Manufacturers of wolfram and molybdenum products; also recycles them; based in Jiangyan; products: sodium tungstate, tungstic acid, tungsten trioxide, sodium molybdate, barium molybdate, molybdenum powder, tantalum, columbium, titanium etc
112 Jiangyin Trust-Chem Co Ltd
Chemical company based in Jiangyin, Jiangsu; product range includes water treatment agents, UV photoinitiator products, chiral compounds, intermediates, pharmaceuticals etc
113 Jiangyin Yuecheng Lida Chemical Factory Tel: +86-510-8658-2841
32 Yue Xiang Lu, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China    Map
Manufacturers of sensitization diazo salt and high-efficiency metal chelating agents; based in Yucheng, Jiangyin (Jiangsu); products: sodium heptonate dihydrate, solution of sodium heptonate etc
114 Jingdezhen Fuxiang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Tel: 0798-219-3328
Changjiang, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China    Map
Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals & intermediates based in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi; products: nimodipine, tazobactam acid, tazobactam sodium, sulbactam acid, sultamicilin tosilate, iodomethyl sulbactan etc
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115 Jinlong Copper Co Ltd
Copper products company based in Tongling, Anhui; makes 150,000 tonnes of high-grade cathode copper & 500,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid a year
Non-Ferrous Metals   Chemicals  
116 Jintan Baocheng Chemical Technical Institute
Custom synthesis and contract research firm specialising in fine organics for the pharmaceuticals & chemical industries; based in Jintan, Jiangsu; products: M-hydrobenzoic acid, 3,5-dihydrobenzoic acid etc
117 Jintan Chengdong Chemical Raw Materials Factory Tel: 0519-8289-3502
Longshan Road, Jintan, Jiangsu, China    Map
Manufacturers of chemicals for the pharmaceuticals industry; based in Jintan, Jiangsu; products: miconazole nitrate, isoconazole nitrate, econazole nitrate, nitrendipine, nifendipine, tolubuterol hydrochloride, tolubuterol base etc
118 Jintan Huarui Chemical Factory
Chemicals company based in Jintan; specialises in sulfometuron intermediates; products: 2-Chloro-3-Picolinic Acid, 2-Dimethylpyridine, 2-(Methylformate) Benzenefulfonamide, (Ethylformate) Benzene Sulforamide etc
119 Jintan Maosheng Chemical Co Ltd Tel: 0519-8272-6678
Company based in Changzhou, Jiangsu; makes pharmaceutical intermediates & fine chemicals; product categories: indole, purine, chemurgy etc
120 League Chemical
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical, hair dye & related fine chemicals based in Changshu, Jiangsu; ISO 9001 (2000) certified; product range includes primaquine phosphate, hydroxychlorine sulphate, piperaquine phosphate etc
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